Are People Who Get Married Younger More Likely To Get Divorced?

A lot of people ask the same question about when the correct age at to marry is. The “right” age has changed over time and the arguments for why that is the “right” age have also changed. Today, people still have the same argument about how getting married young leaves the couple immature, while getting married when you’re older leaves you little time to enjoy each others’ company before having children. The fact is that today’s young adults are waiting longer to get married. The reason being cited are the scarily very high divorce statistics that indicate that almost 50% of all marriages end in divorce and what is even more scaring is that 60% of those that marry when aged between 20 and 25 will get divorced. The question is whether couples could be getting married when they are too young? Thus, increasing the need to hire the best family lawyer Towson MD.

The advocates who think that people ought to marry while in the early up to mid-20s opine that it’s an excellent idea because the so-called “mating pool” happens to be much bigger; that the couples can grow up while together; and that it also is the prime for the childbearing period. On the other hand, the other advocates rooting for the late twenties and early thirties, insisting that the acquired maturity will make for better-off marriages, less need for divorce attorneys Maryland, and far more established economic security that all go to make divorce much less likely. A lot of couples that are marrying too early in life haven’t really attained a fully formed self or identity. Wait until the late 20s allows for a phase of where one does identity exploration and tries to ‘find oneself’.

VHDMany couples plunge into marriage for the wrong reason because they are just too excited, and many are lacking the capacity to be able to critically evaluate and even make worthy compromises. This gives rise to high rates of divorce when the two finally come to terms that they are incompatible or that it was simply a mistake to get married in the first place. A lot of young marriages end in harsh ways too because everything about the relationship was a little immature. However, statistics are showing that today many are postponing marriage to later years.

A factor that is perhaps contributing to this decline is the rise of individualism. Many are postponing to get married until they have put everything ‘in order’ about their lives. School, college, career are coming first. Once you have everything in your life settled, it is much easier to come up with an agreement for marriage that allows both of you to have almost everything you want without too much compromise. These agreements between two people about what to expect from each other during the marriage result in less need for family law attorney. The majority of young adults today are postponing marriage though they maintain a single yet together kind of status which could last for many years. This could explain why the age of first marriage is seen to be steadily climbing, yet these kinds of ‘unions’ are for even younger persons who are in their early 20s and mid-20s. True, nobody can tell you at what age you ought to get married, but be sure that you critically consider the factors that are central to you as you decide when you are ready for marriage. Some of the questions you probably need to ask yourself include: Truly, are you getting married to the person that is right for you? What solid career choices have you made? Have you thought about your children options? What about your dreams?